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Master Of Cask - Jane Strong

Be it Cask or Keg you will always find the very best Beers on tap at #TheNewPavs. Jane Strong has been awarded our prestigious award "Master of Cask" as she ensures that every pint that is pulled from the cellar is at its very best, Below are a few of the guests beers that you may find awaiting you at the bar


  • Admiral Hercules 3.6%

    Admiral Hercules 3.6%

    With a smooth, but dry finish, this blonde beer promises orange-marmalade citrus, spice and floral aromas, derived from the interplay of two specially selected hops – English Admiral and German Herkules.

    Style: Dual Hop Pale Ale
    ABV: 3.6%
    See: Straw Gold
    Smell: herbal citrus, spice and floral
    Taste: Herbal bitterness, bitter-orange citrus
    Bitter: 3.5
    Sweet: 2.5
  • Banks's Amber 3.8%

    Banks's Amber 3.8%

    "A full, clean, bitter tasting beer with malty and hoppy flavours and winey, fruity overtones".

    Bitter | 3.8%

    See: Amber
    Smell: Slightly Hoppy
    Taste: Dry Bitter Finish
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Banks's Mild 3.5%

    Banks's Mild 3.5%

    "The original Banks's brew. This is the beer that made Banks's famous and is still the world's best selling mild - it's beautifully balanced, smooth and very moreish. A light chestnut coloured beer, exhibiting a glorious balance. Malty with a perceptible burnt note, it's full bodied with a hint of bitterness counterbalancing the rich, biscuity flavour from the best barley".

    Mild | 3.5%

    See: Amber
    Smell: Slightly burnt malt
    Taste: Malty, smooth bitter sweet balance
    Bitter: • • 1/2
    Sweet: • • •
  • Banks's Sunbeam 4.2%

    Banks's Sunbeam 4.2%

    "Banks's Sunbeam has a vibrant citrus hop aroma and a shimmering blonde colour. The rich gooseberry and zesty grapefruit taste create an easy drinking beer with a clean long aftertaste.

    Gloriously Zesty Blonde | 4.2%

    See: Shimmering light straw
    Smell: Vibrant citrus hop, with distinct gooseberry notes
    Taste: Glorious rich gooseberry & zesty grapefruit highlights, overlaying a hoppy, sweet malt base.
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • •
  • Bloomin Marvellous 4.0%

    Bloomin Marvellous 4.0%

    Pale straw coloured Blonde beer with distinctive aromas of citrus grapefruit and a background hint of honey. Two additions of Cascade hops are married to an all lager malt grist to give a blooming marvellous pint!

    Style: Blonde Ale
    ABV: 4.0%
    See: Straw
    Smell: Hoppy, lemony, grapefruit, citrus, honeyed
    Taste: Citrus, grapefruit, lemons, honey
    Bitter: 3
    Sweet: 3
  • Jennings Cocky Blonde 4.0%

    Jennings Cocky Blonde 4.0%

    Brewed on the banks of the River Cocker; this full bodied cocky blonde is sure to satisfy your thirst. Light and refreshing with a delicate hint of strawberry this beer has plenty to boast about.

    Strawberry blonde ale | 4.0%

    See: Light, Straw colour
    Smell: Strawberry
    Taste: Full bodied, crisp
    Bitter: • 1/2
    Sweet: • •
  • Give Back Week 4.0%

    Give Back Week 4.0%

    Our Give Back Week beer is available for one week only! Fresh, fascinating and funky and raising cash for a good cause. What’s not to love?

    Style: Pale Ale
    Colour: Golden
    ABV: 4.0%
    Smell: Malty citrus
    Taste: full bodied, malty, crisp
  • Marston's Pedigree

    Marston's Pedigree

    "Pedigree has a fascinating aroma and palate of biscuity malt, spicy hops and light fruit, all overlain by the famous salty, sulphury note that comes from the spring waters of the Trent Valley".

    Premium Bitter | 4.5%

    See: Golden
    Smell: Burton Sulphur
    Taste: Dry, biscuity, malt, spicy, hop
    Bitter: • • 1/2
    Sweet: • • 1/2
  • Marston's 61 Deep | 3.8%

    Marston's 61 Deep | 3.8%

    New World Pale Ale is born out of the craft and culture imbued in Pedigree, the Great British Ale; combined with the fresh flavours of Australia.

    Style: Pale Ale
    Colour: Golden
    ABV: 4.0%
    Smell: Malty citrus
    Taste: full bodied, malty, crisp

  • Ringwood Boondoggle | 4.2%

    Ringwood Boondoggle | 4.2%

    "Boondoggle is a blonde and luscious 4.2% ale. Brewed with the finest English Pale malt, First Gold and Fuggles hops. Boondoggle delivers a well balanced moreish fruity taste. Any excuse for that Boondoggle moment."

    Golden Ale | 4.2%

    See: Golden
    Smell: Hoppy, citrus
    Taste: Fruity
    Bitter: • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Ringwood Best Bitter 3.8%

    Ringwood Best Bitter 3.8%

    "Brewed in the heart of the New Forest, Best Bitter is a well-rounded 3.8 % abv beer with a delicious malt flavour balanced by a tangy citrus hoppiness".

    Refreshing Amber Craft Ale | 3.8%

    See: Amber
    Smell: Malty, toffee, hoppy
    Taste: Sweet bitter balance
    Bitter: • •
    Sweet: • •
  • Ringwood Porker 5.2%

    Ringwood Porker 5.2%

    A well rounded, strong golden ale with fruity undertones.Exquisitely crafted by the experts in relaxation.Best enjoyed with suckling pig.

    See: Golden
    Smell: Fruity
    Taste: Smooth, warm and full bodied
    Bitter: • •1/2
    Sweet: • •1/2
  • Toothless Hooker 4.0%

    Toothless Hooker 4.0%

    Prop up the bar with this chestnut beer. The malty, biscuit and raisin flavours will sidestep the opposition. A cheeky slap of three separate hop additions convert to a floral, orange peel citrus and almost spicy aroma. A moderate bitterness provides the perfect result.

    Style: Chestnut Beer
    ABV: 4.0%
    See: Chestnut
    Smell: Floral, orange peel, citrus and almost spicy aroma
    Taste: Malty, biscuit and raisin
    Bitter: 5
    Sweet: 2.5
  • Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5%

    Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5%

    "Full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character".

    Legendary Ruby Beer | 4.5%

    See: Dark
    Smell: Smoky, roasted
    Taste: Roasted, malty, full bodied
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • • •
  • Wychwood Hobgolblin Gold | 4.2%

    Wychwood Hobgolblin Gold | 4.2%

    "Hobgoblin Gold is the latest beer carrying the little fella’s moniker, and while Gold might be lighter in colour, it’s definitely no lightweight. A combination of six hop varieties (yes six!) & an infusion of wheat and malted barley has resulted in the perfect golden beer – with a huge hop punch."

    Golden Ale | 4.2%

    See: Golden
    Smell: Fragrant citrus and wild forest gooseberries
    Taste: Mouth watering malt and refreshing citrus hop kick
    Bitter: • • •
    Sweet: • •

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